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Summer (Sunrise V2)

Summer (Sunrise V2)
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A NEW BEGINNING: Dayne Matthews and Katy Hart are married and living in Bloomington, where Dayne has found a solution to his on-camera love scenes--Katy will star in his next film. The story of a small town girlís dream come true is too much for the press to resist, and in an effort to appease them, the couple agrees to a 12-episode reality show. It seems like the perfect compromise, but by the time they finish filming the movie, they feel cracks around the edges of their marriage. They chock this up to the industry, though, and agree that they need time off together. Soon. AN UNFORGETTABLE SUMER: Ashley and Kari discover they are both pregnant with girls, but an ultrasound reveals that something is wrong with Ashley and Landonís baby. As the summer progresses, Landon takes Cole fishing to tell him the news while Ashley prays for a miracle and refuses to believe their unborn child is anything but healthy. Itís in this trying season that Ashley must learn the lesson Landon has been trying to teach her--God is still in control, and he has been with them throughout this unforgettable summer. AN EMOTIONAL FAREWELL: The Flanigans continue to draw closer to their only daughter, yet Bailey struggles to find her way amid the turmoil of adolescence. She has always made good decisions, but she wants to experience more of life. Her friendship with Cody Coleman--the young border staying with the Flanigans--continues to blossom in this summer after his graduation. But when Cody enlists in the army, heíll have to say good-bye to the family heís come to love and the girl heíll never forget.

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