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The Mandie Collection V1

The Mandie Collection V1
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Mandie Collection V1 (5 in 1)

Relive exciting mysteries and learn important life lessons with Mandie and Snowball and the whole gang. Be part of the adventurous series that has sold over six million! There are 5 Mandie books in this one volume. Mandie and the Secret Tunnel When Mandie's father dies, his Cherokee friend provides comfort, and a secret tunnel reveals Mandie's family's history. Mandie and the Cherokee Legend Mandie investigates a Cherokee legend about long-lost gold and whether it will bring a curse to the men who find it. Mandie and the Ghost Bandits Mandie and her friends unravel the mystery of missing gold after a late-night train wreck and some "ghostly" robbers. Mandie and the Forbidden Attic Mandie explores the mysterious noises in the school attic, and the outcome is a surprise to everyone! Mandie and the Trunk's Secret An old trunk containing potentially dangerous papers from the past intrigues Mandie and her friends.

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