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Dr. Ro's Ten Secrets To Livin' Healthy

Dr. Ro's Ten Secrets To Livin' Healthy
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In this one-of-a-kind book, Dr. Rovenia M. Brock-known as Dr. Ro to fans of Black Entertainment Television's Heart & Soul-reveals her ten secrets to a healthy life. Explaining why fads like high-protein, low-carb diets can be bad for you, while exercising regularly and eating the right foods can help you live better and longer, Dr. Ro shows how many serious illnesses can be largely prevented-and even reversed. And you don't need Oprah's salary to do it. Using her own inspiring story to illustrate the kinds of changes that many black women need to make, Dr. Ro outlines a diet and nutrition program to fit every lifestyle.

Here you will discover: -How to prevent obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and "a touch of sugar" (diabetes) -Who soul food (if prepared properly) really can be good for you -The cultural and genetic factors unique to black women that affect weight and increase your risk for disease -How foods rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants, fiber, and whole grains can save your life -Why you should lower your salt intake -Dr. Ro's unique color-plates solution to eating right-and in the right-sized portions

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, or just change your bad habits before they catch up with you, this complete lifestyle plan can work for you.

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